HTC Officially Announces the HTC U Ultra and U Play!

Today, in HTC's "All about U" conference, the company reveals two new smartphones: The U Ultra and the U play. Two phones with identical new design, but with different specs.

-A Glassy design: 

Let's start with the design, since the two devices share the same back. No metallic back anymore, HTC has replaced it with a ,brilliant glass where the colors bond to the glass in multiple layers to reflect light and adding brilliance and depth from every angle. HTC seems very proud of these new surfaces whose color changing according to the ambient brightness and environment. four colors will be available in the launch: Blue, White, Black, and Pink.

                                                                     HTC U Ultra

                                                                      HTC U Play

The phones are very pleasant to take in hand. However, these glass surfaces reveal a lot fingerprint. They also quite slippery. It looks like HTC's fan still preferring the metallic back over the glassy one.

 -A second screen on top:

The HTC U Ultra comes with a second screen (2 inches). This new screen will display notifications, shortcuts, contacts that will no longer be displayed on the main screen. HTC has customized the version of Android so that these notifications no longer appears in the middle of the screen when you're using an application or play games. Finally, this second screen will show the notifications and shortcuts in black and white when the main screen is turned off.

-Specs of the two devices:

Here are the full specs of the High-end HTC U Ultra and the mid-range HTC U play:

     Moreover, HTC has removed the headphone jack, it seems that Apple has convinced the other companies with this idea.

-Price and Release date:

The HTC U Play should be available in early march, at $476. The HTC U Ultra is expected to be available sooner, mid-February at $848.

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