Google Waymo will launch its first autonomous cars at the end of January

Waymo announced last Sunday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that it will launch its automated Chrysler Pacifica at the end of January.

The cars will run in Mountain View, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. The company took the opportunity to present the officially model.

In particular, Waymo was able to realize these new vehicles with its own technologies. The sensors, the camera system, and the scanning technologies are all made in Waymo.

Waymo's CEO, John Krafcik, points out that the company has been able to save 90% of the costs thanks to this strategy. By carrying out this type of work, Waymo can define the standards of its technologies and its autonomous driving equipment and obtain an independence that is both economic and technological. For example, the company was able to develop two types of LIDAR sensors, a technology that was very expensive a few years ago, capable of scanning the environment for short and long distance.

 The company continues to pursue the same goals as Google before, which include partnering with car manufacturers as it did with Chrysler and Honda, and continuing its automated transport: "We are not in the business to produce better cars, we are in business to create better drivers."

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