Google Maps: a step towards the display of Available parking spaces

Google Maps is enriched with the appearance of a new feature allowing to get an idea of the parking spaces in the vicinity of your destination.

A new beta version of the Google Maps app, numbered 9.44 adds an exciting new feature for anyone using the app in the car. Android Police noticed that it now indicates the availability of parking space near the destination. This is indicated by a "P" icon, red or blue, indicating the ease to find parking spaces in the vicinity.

It is a first step, but it is far from being a miracle solution. For the moment it works only with the car parks, and that exists only in the USA. In reality, it is actually more reflective of the ease that it is usually possible to park in the corner, and if there is parking.

It is in this sense comparable with the attendance of restaurants and shops. It is not because the icon is blue that you will necessarily find a place. The effort is in any case appreciable and it is hoped that with time, the thing will be more and more precise.

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