Galaxy S8 will be unveiled in April 17

In mid-April, it would be the date chosen for marketing the Galaxy S8. A little later than the Galaxy S7, but at the same time as the Galaxy S6.

Do not worry, the Galaxy S8 should arrive at the same time as its predecessors, but a little later anyway. The - seriously - Korean newspaper The Investor, belonging to the Korea Herald Group, one of the largest publications of the country, “the Galaxy S8 would be marketed to mid-April, probably in the third week.” That would give a release on April 17th.

A slightly delayed date compared to previous years. The Galaxy S7 arrived officially on the market on 11 March 2016, the Galaxy S6 arrived on 11 April 2015. In both cases, it was at the MWC that the phones were presented, it should not logically be any different this year. Appointment at the end of February.

According to previous rumors the Galaxy S8 could be available in two versions, both curved, with 5.1 or 5.5 inch screens. There is also a dual camera sensor and a voice assistant named Bixby. Another month and a half of patience.

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