Galaxy S8: minimum 64 GB of storage and a PC DeX mode

The future smartphone Galaxy S8 will offer a virtually borderless display, a storage space starting at 64 GB but also a mode turning it into an extra PC, like the Continuum of Windows 10 Mobile.

The British newspaper The Guardian has been full of revelations about the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, confirming some points and adding new ones. In a long article, it reviews the smartphone features and provides some  unknown details.

We find the affirmation about the presence of a 5 to 6 inches display stretched on the edges and reducing dead spaces above and below the screen ("infinity screen"), to the point that there would not even be place for the Samsung logo, let alone a Home button.

In fact, the fingerprint reader will be housed in the rear while the Galaxy S8 will inherit the front of the iris scanner that was to be offered on the Galaxy Note 7. The smartphone will also offer for the first time in this range a USB Type-C connector. Which will undoubtedly be the occasion to propose a new Gear VR helmet for the virtual reality, with a new evolution of the camera Gear 360.

The 3.5 mm jack will always be present and the initial storage space will no longer be 32 GB but 64 GB, always expandable by microSD port. The Guardian also evokes the presence of a mode transforming the Galaxy S8 into an extra PC, already previewed in January.

This mode, similar to the Continuum system of Windows 10 Mobile, allows to make the Galaxy S8 a simili-PC once connected to a keyboard/mouse and a screen, with an Android system equipped with an interface suitable for computer use.

This mode would be called DeX (probably for Desktop Experience) and it remains to see how Samsung will succeed in making it ergonomic. Finally, the commercialization of the Galaxy S8 would be fixed at 21 April, at least in the United Kingdom.

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