Flappy Bird's Creator Unveiled His New Addictive Game!

Game developer Dong Nguyen made in 2014 the mobile game of the year with Flappy Bird, an ultra-difficult mobile title. Since then, Nguyen has released a couple of follow-ups using his unique ideas, but this Dong is back to the rumble with a new addictive game called Ninja Spinki Challenges!

The game, available today for iOS and Android, is about a ninja who must complete tasks to earn his or her bonafides as a sneaky warrior. The tasks range from avoiding bouncing cats and cannon fire to hitting targets with a shuriken. The new game has a sense of how long you have to survive in any given situation to move on.

The new game involves very precise touchscreen finger movements. The introduction challenges are relatively easy to complete and the difficulty scales over the course of the five challenges for each of the six mini-games. So for those interested in the more masochistic elements of Nguyen’s game design, you just have to progress a little farther than usual to hit the truly hard parts.

Nguyen, whose original Flappy Bird went viral precisely because it remained equally challenging all throughout, without giving players the ability to ease into difficulty.

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