FCA and Google Collaborate on a Uconnect System Concept Powered by Android

The CES will start in a few days, officially from 5 to 8 January. The largest players in the IT sector will be present and will be unveiling their projects. Including FCA and Google, who will take a chance to demonstrate a seamless integration of the Uconnect 8.4-inch connected vehicle system featuring Android.

FCA is in collaboration with Google regarding the next-generation connected car systems enabled by the power of an open platform and ecosystem of Android. 

Uconnect car is using android 7.0 to deliver a range of features, including android app as Google Maps and popular Android apps like Pandora, Spotify, NPR One and Pocket Casts. Alongside more traditional in-car controls like AC and heat, also with terrestrial radio.

Chris Barman (Head of Electrical Engineering, FCA) called this collaboration by "extremely beneficial opportunity" to evolve connectivity technology and infotainment vehicle.

Another hand the Director of Android Engineering Patrick Brady said: “This collaboration with FCA brings together the industry standard for connected car systems with Android to create powerful infotainment systems designed for the digital age.”

This collaboration is more than a just android auto model, which essentially layers on a simplified, driver-friendly and distraction reducing version of Android to an in-car display.

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