Fast Charge: OnePlus shows again that it is more efficient than Google!

OnePlus ensures that it is more efficient than Google in terms of fast charging. A new video has been posted.

 In November 2016, OnePlus had published a video, which it wanted to show the best efficiency of the 3T smartphone fast charging, compared to that used by the Google Pixel XL. The OnePlus 3T was filling in 1 hour and a half, when it took two hours to Google Pixel XL.

Today, the Chinese manufacturer returned with another video, which the comparison is performed while both smartphones are used for GPS navigation with Google Maps. The situation presents as an example on the holiday path when using the smartphone as GPS.

Oneplus 3T 64GB Oneplus

The price at the time of publishing
was $499.49
From the first minutes, the OnePlus 3T widens the gap, reaching 6% in 2 minutes and 40 seconds, while the Google Pixel XL is at 3%. After 21 minutes, it is at 40%, against 15% in front. In 30 minutes, it reaches 57%, more than half, when the competing model reaches just 19%.

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