Color Your Life Style With Liftx New Colorful Bulb!

Whether you want to pass a romantic evening with your lover,or enjoying your day with your friends Lifx let you customize you light colors, contrast and shade by your voice using Alexa’s devices!

Lifx is brighter than Philips Hue. It's more efficient. It puts out more accurate colors. It boasts the better app of the two. It also closes the gap wit.

 With Amazon Echo using Alexa, there are two levels of controls.  Basic gives you On/Off, and Brightness – Color will be the same color that was last on.  But add LIFX Skills, and you can now also control the basic color.

Alexa voice controlling the LIFX lights:

  • Alexa, Turn the lights on
  • Alexa, Turn the Kitchen light off
  • Alexa, Switch lights to 50% brightness
  • Alexa, lower brightness by 25%
  • Alexa, dim Bedroom lights by 25%
  • To change colors or control your LIFX groups just add “tell Life-Ex…
  • Alexa, tell `Life-Ex` to make my lights blue
  • Alexa, tell `Life-Ex` to change the Living Room lights to red.

Lifx is brighter than Philips' third-party dominance by featuring compatibility with IFTTT, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and the Amazon Echo smart speaker, among others. Unlike Philips Hue's Zigbee bulbs, Lifx bulbs communicate using Wi-Fi, which means that they don't need a hub -- and that you don't need to purchase a $200 starter kit in order to buy in.

At $60 each (about £40, or a little over AU$80),  the Lifx Color 1000 is almost certainly the bulb of your nice times!

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