CES 2017: Toyota presents a concept car with a "conscience"

Toyota takes advantage of CES 2017 to present a concept car with artificial intelligence. Yui is able to analyze the emotions of passengers and anticipate their needs.

If automakers have largely invested the CES of Las Vegas in the past, this 2017 edition is without a doubt a turning point. After the "Anti-Tesla" of Faraday Future, the autonomous BMW on our roads in 2017 or Ford which relies on Amazon Alexa as assistant to the driving, Toyota intends also to pass the upper stage unveiling its "Concept-i".

Named Yui, this AI has an automatic learning system "the more you drive, the smarter it becomes", the aim being to create a real relationship with the driver. In the end, it will anticipate the needs of the passengers.

The car itself has around designed, full of emotion in order to materialize the "consciousness" of the user and the vehicle, it has lights similar to the eyes. They will be able to change and adapt to different situations; a new stage in anthropomorphism and an open window on the future.

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