CES 2017: Sony unveils new version of its laser projector 4K ultra short throw

At CES 2017, Sony presented the replacement of the LSPX-W1S. Smaller, more powerful and less expensive. Only $25,000.

The VPL-VZ1000ES is the direct successor of the exceptional (and very expensive) LSPX-W1S, a laser video projector 4K ultra short throw. Sony has further improved the features of this ultra-high-end videopro, which gains in size (925 x 494 x 219mm, 40% more compact) and has a new "engine" projection, the Sony Z-Phosphor, which provides a 4K image resolution of 2.5 meters diagonally with only 15 centimeters recoil. The brightness increases to 2500 Lumens, 25% better than the previous model, but it will take something strong to withstand the 35 kilos of the craft.

But the best news is the price. Sony significantly reduced the price of its jewelry, which goes from $40,000 (model LSPX) to $25,000; this remains very expensive, but a 40% decrease is still a great effort...

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