CES 2017: Sony finally unveils its Bravia OLED TVs

The manufacturer's three new A1 models display respectively an OLED panel of 55, 66 or 77 inches. They also have an innovative sound distribution system.

While LG has been selling OLED TVs for several years, Sony is almost stuck to LCD technology. Almost ... The Japanese had indeed been a precursor in 2008, proposing the first television OLED, a model equipped at the time of a modest 11-inch screen!

Today, Sony changes its tune with the announcement in Las Vegas salon of its new A1 (XBR-A1E precisely). The models carry indeed an OLED 4K HDR (8 million pixels "self-illuminated") that, according to some rumors, would be manufactured by LG.

According to the manufacturer, this OLED panel offers black levels never seen, rich colors and wide viewing angles. Nothing very surprising with such techno.

The sound comes out directly from the screen

The device is equipped with the X1 Extrem to manage the 4K display and the HDR mode, a processor already present on the very high-end Z series (including the KD-65ZD9 recently tested by the editorial staff). The Bravia OLED also has with Android TV to access Google Play store applications and take advantage of the Googlecast feature to easily send content from smartphones and tablets (such as a Chromecast).

More innovative, there is no loudspeaker on this TV. And for good reason, Sony is using a new technology, called Acoustic Surface. Thanks to it, the sound is directly emitted by the screen via a resonance technique. According to the manufacturer, the quality of the sound reproduction would be impressive with a synchronization of image and sound unrivaled ... To be checked during a next test.

This should further ease the design of TVs! especially since the foot is here cleverly concealed behind the screen and becomes totally invisible when you look at the TV. Total immersion guaranteed.

A1 televisions come in 55, 65 and 77 inch versions. Their prices and availability were not disclosed. Note that Sony does not abandon LCD technology, on the contrary. The brand announces at the CES many new products including the X series, also compatible 4K HDR.

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