CES 2017: Sony Cledis, a Led System for Creating Giant Screens

At first glance, it looks like a giant screen in length, perfect for conventions like the CES 2017 Las Vegas. But this is not the case. The Sony CLEDIS system is actually a clever mesh of LED panels. The result is impressive, and completely customizable.

Each panel that makes up this screen has a diagonal of 17.875 inches. And it is possible to arrange as much as you like, and as you want. The screen created in the picture above measures 11 meters long by 2.75 high and displays a definition of 8K by 2K.

To give the impression of complete homogeneity, Sony uses a display technology consists of almost microscopic LEDs emitting red, green or blue. With such a size, Sony has a very fine control over the color rendering, which offers a much better experience than a projector in your favorite cinema.

This impressive technology that supports HDR, must obviously be expensive, very expensive, but Sony did not disclose the amount of the invoice. The Japanese manufacturer has in any case specified that its CLEDIS system would be available later in the year for companies.

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