CES 2017: SanDisk unveils the Extreme Pro USB 3.1 its Fastest Flash Drive!

Sandisk took advantage of the CES 2017 to introduce some innovations, Such as a USB flash drive whose performance would be compared to those of an SSD.

The storage of a USB flash drive is not everything, you should consider the speed as well. This negligible feature is essential for some uses, such as 4K content playback, but this will not be a problem for Extreme Pro USB 3.1 Solid State flash drive 265 GB that SanDisk just announced at CES 2017. its Fastest USB flash drive.

Speed is therefore the special feature brought by this USB stick, which can go up to 420 MB/s reading and 380 MB/s writing. According to Western Digital, the owner of Sandisk since 2016, its performance would be comparable to that of an SSD and would allow to transfer a complete 4K movie in only 15 seconds. Note that it has to be plugged into a USB 3.1 to take advantage of this speed.

-Price and availability:

 As for the availability, it is announced for the end of January in the US with a price of $179.99. 

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