CES 2017: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 become modular with Smartblade

The i-BLADES Company presents at the CES 2017 an intelligent shell that takes up the concept of modular smartphones like the Moto Z.

Usually, a protective shell for a single purpose to prevent the smartphone from breaking into pieces on the floor; a laudable goal, but which does not seem sufficient for i-Blade. This young company has just presented at the CES 2017, a new concept of "smartcase" by focusing on modularity.

A modular shell

Called Smartblade, this shell connects to the USB port of the smartphone and features sensors of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, but also and especially of magnetic connectors that will allow to add modules. It takes again the concept of modular smartphones like the Moto Z or the LG G5.

At the moment, only two modules are proposed. The first has a battery of 1800 mAh and 64 GB of internal storage, what extend the smartphone's ability and even if he does not have a microSD slot as is the case on the Galaxy S6. The second is a compact virtual reality helmet that covers the entire smartphone.

The battery + storage case is already available in the US for $ 80. There is no clarification on a possible availability in Europe.

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