CES 2017: Rewalk Robotics is building a exoskeleton to rehabilitate stroke patients!

The Boston-based company that was first to provide robotic legs to paralyzed veterans in the U.S, Rewalk Robotics Ltd., has a new product in development that you can see this week at CES.

The device is a “soft exoskeleton,” designed to help people who have lower limb disability but who have not severed their spinal cord or otherwise become paraplegic. The new product will help Rewalk broaden its market, addressing patients recovering from a stroke. The soft exoskeleton could be utilized by these patients.

Rewalk’s soft exoskeleton prototype looks more like something from a Transformer parts. Its main elements are: a belt and fanny pack with motors and a computer within, knee braces to keep them in place and sensor-laden footplates that can fit into a sneaker.

Rewalk will begin clinical studies of its soft exoskeletons in the back half of 2017. The company seeks to make the device available in 2018, pending FDA approvals. The soft exoskeleton will initially have power sufficient to move the legs for two hours at a stretch.

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