CES 2017 : The relentless persistence of the hideous spider router!

The wireless router has earned a bit of a reputation in recent years, but Asus's new router is far away from audience positive impressions!

Asus’ new gaming-focused Rapture, shown yesterday at CES, and you still have a device that insults the eyes with its presence. This router doesn’t look much different than the TP-Link models that get unveiled every year at CES. The Rapture, however, has the unfortunate quality of being marketed toward gamers.

So it’s unclear why companies continue to push products that seem not acceptable to customers needs. It’s also peculiar considering routers, especially those of the mesh variety, are getting flashy and sleek design overhauls.

Perhaps it’s the right time to retire the spider router. And change direction to more interesting products such as Google's Onhub router with its interesting design! Instead of picking an expensive one which costs nearly $9,000 price tag, and people are eager to say as much.

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