CES 2017: Razer Project Valerie Gives you 3 Screens on your Laptop

Razer announces a strange project for this CES: The firm presents the Valerie Project. As its name does not indicate it, it is a laptop with three screens.

After the launch of its range of laptops "Gaming" Blade, Razer tries to go further with what it calls the Valerie project, a laptop equipped with three screens. This will not be practical on the train, but it has the merit of being crazy enough to arouse curiosity.

To put it simply, the Valerie is a Razer Blade Pro 17 inches (with its GTX 1080) equipped with three screens. Through an ingenious system, the screens deploy and arrange automatically. Three UHD screens side by side, this gives you a sympathetic definition of 11520 x 2160. As good as it is, the GTX 1080 may still not follow at 60 frames per second in native resolution.

On the other hand, we can salute the relative finesse of the object: In spite of its three screens, the computer is only "thick" of 3.81 cm, barely more than what we generally finds on the machines for usual players. The set weighs 5.4 kg, however a little less convenient, but ultimately more Transportable than the Acer X21. No price or release date for this "Project", nothing says that it will actually be marketed. Difficult to see a real market for this kind of machine.

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