CES 2017: the portable computer 21 inch Acer will cost $10,000

Announced during the IFA 2016, the Acer Predator 21 X finds its price at the CES. The strange laptop 21 inches will be sold for $10,000.

Remember. During the IFA 2016, Acer presented a strange laptop with a delusional configuration. It is called the Predator 21 X, and wondered at the time whether the product would be well marketed, or whether it would remain in the state of exhibition machine, materializing a kind of skill.

The manufacturer takes advantage of CES to give the price of the machine: $10,000. A high price, but quite consistent with the configuration. It is also recalled that the machine has the particularity of proposing a mechanical keyboard similar to those found under the desktop gamer PC monitors. Or almost, since the keypad can be returned to a TouchPad.

Accusing 8 kilograms on the balance, it offered an Intel Core i7-7820HK quad-core 2.9-3.9 GHz, a 64 GB RAM, two GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics powering a 21-inch IPS Curved in 2,560 x 1,080 pixels with G-Sync support, 4.2 audio system (four mid / treble and two bass), a backlit mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches and a cooling system supported by eight heat pipes and five fans. A beautiful toy able to run any recent game.

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