CES 2017: Polar unveils an "intelligent" t-shirt for athletes

The Polar Company specializing in sports accessories has just presented a connected t-shirt able to analyze your performance.

Polar, the company specializing in sports accessories has just introduced a new connected item. After the scales, bracelets and bicycle counters, the Finnish company offers an intelligent running t-shirt.

Called Team Pro Shirt, it is able to measure your heart rate and analyze its evolution. Due to its GPS chip (located under the neck), it is able to evaluate the speed of the rider as well as his acceleration and the distance traveled. A very useful tool for high-level sportsmen or "Sunday". Similar systems are already used to analyze the performance of athletes and professional Sportsmen. 

Polar also specifies that the t-shirt is compatible with its watches and bracelets connected. It should be available in March. The price has not been disclosed.

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