CES 2017: Panasonic introduced next-generation 4K HDR OLED TV

The new Panasonic TV was presented at CES 2017. The Panasonic EZ1000 is an Ultra HD certified OLED Television with a lot of technologies and settings to ensure an unusual viewing experience.
Panasonic has introduced a new generation of high-end television. For now, very few specs are known.

OLED + HDR + 4K = Ultra HD Premium

 We can say that Panasonic used all of its acknowledge to create The Panasonic EZ1000. it would have managed to overcome some of the flaws of OLED technology, due to its years of experience on the plasma and in the world of audiovisual in general.

Indeed, the EZ1000 would be able to provide luminosity peaks twice as high as those of normal OLED panel. We would like more digital details, but we have to wait before getting them. In general, a good quality OLED TV has peaks of brightness of 500 nits.

In addition, according to Panasonic, the TV would be able to display more details in dark areas than on conventional OLED TV. It would have reduced the difference in brightness between a totally off pixel and a pixel with the minimum of light, to have dark areas that retain details rather than turning off.

Finally, the EZ1000 can cover "almost the entire DCI spectrum" which is the new standard for UHD TVs. To achieve UHD premium certification, a TV must cover at least 90% of the DCI P3 spectrum.

All this, allows the Panasonic EZ1000 to benefit from the Ultra HD Premium certification which is affixed to televisions with very demanding technical specs to ensure the best viewing quality.

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