CES 2017 : Nvidia is working with Audi to offer a self-driving car by 2020!

NVidia ultimate mission is to build computer graphics cards, but the company has been increasingly turning its attention to car development over the past few years. This CES, we see a partnership between the German car maker Audi collaborates with NVidia and Bosch with plans to make parts for automatic cars, it's seems that we will see the companies bring a proper self-driving vehicle to market by 2020.

Audi and NVidia have been working together before this deal but the new partnership at CES 2017, the firms are working to produce a new level of automatic vehicle that means a car capable of driving entirely on its own. As an early proof of concept, the two companies have already collaborated on an experimental self-driving Q7 SUV.

The deals announced today are a canny way for NVidia chart and an aggressive course in the self-driving market, many car manufacturer are currently working on their own self-driving technologies, but Audi will mostly benefit from NVidia’s embedded systems in its models! Deals with German car parts Bosch also tie NVidia closer to the growing self-driving vehicle industry which will make the German company ready for offering its own AI-enabled parts that it can sell on to other manufacturers.

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