CES 2017: No More Lost Items!

Chipolo showed its second newest Bluetooth trackers at CES 2017, which it claims are the world’s smallest and thinnest trackers.

The product joins the existing Chipolo Plus, The loudest tracker in the world, and the plain old Chipolo Classic which sadly doesn’t have any superlatives tied to its name. The Sticker is a tiny tracker device that’s designed to be stuck onto whatever you're trying to keep track of, with a 90-decibel speaker to easily find your lost item.

The Sticker has a rechargeable battery that lasts about two weeks on a charge. And can theoretically be able to constantly recharge itself over the air, a feature which could help distinguish it from competitors like Tile or TrackR. The product at 1.8mm thick claims to be the thinnest tracker on the market. It’s designed to slide easily into a wallet or clip onto a passport or ID card, and offers a 12-month-long non-replaceable battery!

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