CES 2017: Nissan is using Mars Rover tech from NASA to control autonomous car fleets

Nissan has taken NASA technology built for the Mars Rover to help control fleets of autonomous vehicles.


It’s called Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM), and Nissan believes it’s a solution for when vehicles don’t know how to handle what is unexpected.

SAM allows to examine vehicle images and sensor data when the car encounters something it can’t handle and decide on the appropriate course of action. The car due to the system can make more logical decision concerning traffic signs and crash situations! 

SAM is adapted from NASA’s Visual Environment for Remote Virtual Exploration (VERVE), which is used to supervise interplanetary robots like the Mars rovers. Nissan thinks the system could be suitable for commercial fleets handling package delivery, and that it could help autonomous cars deploy much sooner than if we had to wait for autonomous systems to be able to handle every situation that might come along which according to Nissan will require a tremendous duration!

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