CES 2017: Nissan and BMW bring Microsoft's Cortana assistant to cars!

The car makers is unveiling its plans to integrate Microsoft's digital assistant into some vehicles. Nissan and BMW were working directly with Microsoft on their Connected Vehicle Platform.

Microsoft app will be available in cars and will adapt its preferences and features based on drivers and others in the vehicle.

Nissan demonstrated Cortana integration in a concept video of what will be possible with the digital assistant in the CES event. Asking "what is my schedule" surfaces the usual functionality of Cortana's calendar integration, but Nissan also demonstrated the ability for Cortana to understand and suggest shortcuts to destinations. At one point in the demo, Cortana even asks "shall I engage auto park?" such a great step from the automaker, knowing that many players in the fields are using the factor of collaboration in order to enhance their development! 

BMW was also seeking to include Cortana in its system. The German automaker plans to let drivers access Cortana through a dashboard screen, with the ability to access events, to-do lists, reminders, news, or any of the many other Cortana options.

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