CES 2017 :New Watch From Casio adds GPS, Offline Maps, and Android Wear 2.0!

Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 was a nice impressive watch unlike most products in the category, Now Casio is back one year later to show its new brand watch running in Android 2.0 with more interesting extra features, the watch was unveiled in the CES event in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Casio is including the ability to download maps from Mapbox and use them offline in tandem with GPS. The GPS data can also be used with the watch’s Activity app, recording the path traveled while hiking, cycling, walking and so on. These features should make the watch more useful.

The new watch runs on Android 2.0, and the WSD-F10 will also receive an update to the new OS. Most of the Smart Outdoor Watch’s most useful functionality is found in Casio’s own software. The WSD-F20 has a new design that looks a little more rugged than the WSD-F10’s previous model. Casio will be selling the WSD-F20 for $500 (the same price as the WSD-F10 when it launched) when it releases on April 21st.

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