CES 2017: More Drones are coming from Go Pro company!

GoPro is entering the CES 2017 with a lot to prove, the company promised a big profit from banking on sales of its new Hero 5 camera. And yesterday it announced that it was planning to new drone which had to be recalled after several units fell out of the sky due to the mechanical issue related to the battery retention mechanism.

The company learned so much from its recall to the previous models of the Karma, the company CEO Nick Woodman confirms that the existing customers and new customers are really excited about Karma’s value proposition, which means that the foundation has been laid for great things to come in the Karma line.

No one can deny that the drone section of the show floor at CES has continued to expand rapidly in size. This year there were dozens of drone makers scattered across two different convention centers. Which means that the Go pro has many competitors in the industry, but it seems that the company has steady plans, the company confirms “that it has spent the last 15 years building a global brand, building global distribution, it has tens of thousands of stores around the world.

GoPro can tough out these early setbacks and get its combination of drone, stabilizer, and camera right, certainly it will have a compelling value to add to the drone's world! 

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