CES 2017: Mirabook to turn your smartphone into laptop

The French Company Miraxess is at CES 2017 to present its Mirabook, which is actually a PC with a battery needing a smartphone to come alive. The idea is not new, but the company is confident for the future of its product.

Connect the smartphone to a computer frame to turn it into PC? A few years ago, Motorola or HP had already tested this concept without success. But Miraxess think that the phones were not ready at the time. It should be said that the power of mobile processors and the amount of RAM between 4 and 6 GB now allow them to perform tasks previously reserved for computers.

The Mirabook is an "almost PC" to which you connect your smartphone with a USB Type-C connector (which also allows to recharge). The phones under Windows Phone are compatible, due to the technology continuum, but also those under Android due to an application like Andromium for example.

This machine consists of a full-screen 13.3-inch screen, keyboard, trackpad, aluminum chassis, USB-C and USB-A ports, a jack, an HDMI and a microSD card reader. All in only 1 kilo. It boasts a battery able to offer 24 hours of autonomy, like the LG Gram presented at CES 2017.

With more and more powerful smartphones and the arrival of Windows 10 on ARM processors, it is not mad to think that our motives will soon suffice for all to do. We will simply have to connect them to accessories like the Mirabook or to an external monitor when arriving at work or at home.

But Miraxess will have to finance its project on a participatory platform or find investors to produce its Mirabook priced at $ 299. An affordable solution if you already have everything you need on your mobile. In the meantime, you can always control your smartphone from your PC or Mac.

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