CES 2017: Microsoft Reveals Azure Cloud Platform to Connect Cars

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform is offered by the publisher to help automotive manufacturers integrate the connected technologies into their cars.

Microsoft does not manufacture autonomous cars and does not intend to do so. However, it seems interested in the technologies to implement these new systems and those that help the driver. So it's going to help.

On the occasion of CES 2017 in Las Vegas Microsoft announced the arrival of Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, a set of services based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It's not an operating system or a ready-to-use service, but tools to help manufacturers integrate more efficiently connected services into their cars.

Rather than engaging as a competitor, Microsoft has chosen the path of partnership. The aim is to highlight some of its services to integrate them into vehicles, whether professional tools such as the Skype Business Communication Service, Office Office Suite or the Cortana Assistant.

On its blog, Microsoft explains that today the car is simply a way to go from one place to another but that users would benefit from being connected to optimize their schedule, while keeping safety in mind. By asking Cortana to schedule an appointment at the cafe with a collaborator for the next day, the assistant would, for example, as soon as you arrive in the vehicle, remind you and start the navigation to the appointment.

Manufacturers like Nissan or BMW are already working with Microsoft for this purpose. No specific set-up date is given but Microsoft indicates that a preview for the general public will be available this year.

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