CES 2017: LG unveil its first intelligent refrigerator under webOS

"our innovation aim to create real added value for consumers, which is the reason  why LG focus on artificial intelligence for home appliances, robots, and television," with that LG Electronics President and CTO Dr. Skott Ahn open conference on January 4, 2017, in CES 2017.

Smart InstaView refrigerator was first item LG introduced on this conference, showing us the feature provided by Amazon's Alexa Voice service and powered by LG's webOS.

Unveiled LG’s new flagship Door-in-Door a 29-inch touch LCD display, which instantly turns transparent with just two knocks of the screen and allows users to look inside the refrigerator without opening the door. Now with webOS, consumers can also explore a host of WiFi-enabled features directly on the refrigerator, creating a streamlined and food management system all housed directly on the front of the fridge door. “Our Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator will allow users to enjoy their kitchen experience like never before.” said David VanderWaal vice President of marketing LG Electronics USA.

Continue with InstaView features Amazon's Alexa voice service. Which gives users access to an intelligent personal assistant, in addition to searching recipes, can play music, place Prime-eligible orders from Amazon.com including groceries, add items to a shopping list and more.

Alexa can also control one’s smart home, set kitchen timers and check the weather all by just using your voice.

In addition, the LG Smart InstaView refrigerator offers of features. The Smart Tag menu allows users to add stickers and tags on the screen, Family members can set up memos for each other and create to-do lists that display on the screen.

And inside of the refrigerator, a 2.0-megapixel camera captures images of the interior from a variety of different angles which are accessible via smartphone, for anyone would check inside the refrigerator.

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