CES 2017: the LG G6 will not be modular

The modular smartphone will not have a place at LG. The brand confirmed that its G6 will not be built on this principle.

Admission of failure. LG will not repeat the modular smartphone experience with its next flagship, so the G5 will be a solitary experience. Skott Ahn, the brand technology director, confirmed it to the Wall Street Journal in an interview conducted as part of the CES. It confirms at the same time the name of LG G6, direct successor of the G5 of last year.

The Korean brand learns from its mistakes. Intrinsically, the G5 was not a bad smartphone, but the modular appearance, the main differentiating element of the smartphone, has been badly implemented. The phone has therefore not convinced, which had negative consequences on the income of the brand. LG will therefore go back to basics by focusing on design.

Therefore confirmation of some rumors in recent weeks. However, the various leaks show a phone with a design quite similar to the current G5. So do not expect a real change. The smartphone should be presented at the MWC, at the end of February, it is on this occasion that the brand usually presents its new flagships.

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