CES 2017: Intel reveals its new range of processors Kaby Lake

The chipmaker unveils all seventh-generation processors that will equip computers and objects connected this year.

Intel had already launched some of the Kaby Lake processors, the seventh generation, at the end of last summer. On the occasion of the CES 2017 electronics show in Las Vegas, the rest of the cast is highlighted.

To see more clearly in the midst of multiple references Intel has made available to the most profane a document in which it shows the main lines followed to develop its components. Windows 10 and features highlighted by Microsoft at its conference which presented the features of its next major update are obviously present with a promise: Windows 10 works even better with the latest Intel processors.

The performances are obviously take a good place including the support of the upcoming technology "Optane". Microsoft and Intel are working together to support new uses around the mobility issues, artificial intelligence, security as well as virtual reality and augmented reality that Microsoft discussed at length in its latest communications and will be At the center of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

Concerning models and performance, and like in the previous Skylake generation, Intel has separated its various processors through letters.The Y series will equip 2-in-one computers with detachable screen, machines that require a good autonomy and a cooling capacity interesting in view of the reduced size, with therefore a more modest power.

On a somewhat similar principle the U series will equip laptops, convertibles and 2-in-1 computers whose priority is not performance. Some will be able to integrate Iris Plus technology for more graphic power and support the processor in tasks related to creativity and image as video editing. The H series will be reserved for laptops looking for performance and finally the S series for PCs or 2-in-one desktops that can accommodate a more consistent cooling system.

Performance is advertised as rising by the manufacturer, especially in the needs related to the game, 3D or videos to watch in ultra-high definition 4K.

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