CES 2017: Honda Presents a Motocycle that Balances by Itself!

The motorcycles offer a rare feeling of freedom on the road, a little less when is comes to parking. And if you think it is necessary to take out the crutch to park your two-wheeled vehicle, it's because you don't know the latest invention of Honda, presented at CES 2017.

Just imagine a motorcycle that stands alone, without falling on one side or the other. Ride on it, and it will still stand.  This system does not seem to use Gyroscope, but rather is based on the technology developed for the UNI-CUB individual mobility concept, also developed by Honda.

The Bike is semi-autonomous. This means it can not drive for you, it may use its engine, its scanners, and sense of balance to follow its owner when traveling by foot. Unfortunately, there is no information on its release date.

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