CES 2017: FLIR launches the thermal camera for drones

The FLIR thermal imaging specialist announces the FLIR Duo, a thermal camera that can be used with a drone.

For the CES 2017, the FLIR Company announces a FLIR Duo / FLIR Duo R module (this Duo R contains an integrated calibration system and is intended for professional use only) designed to provide thermal imaging from a drone. Consisting of a compact housing with two optics, one capturing the visible light and the other the infrared, the FLIR Duo can be mounted on UAV drones as a simple action cam.
The camera is controllable in the same way as conventional drone equipment and can record its contents on an embedded microSD card. Its MSX technology makes it possible to display the contours of objects observed by thermal imaging, in order to better distinguish the different elements.
It will take $ 1,000 to acquire the Duo FLIR camera and $ 1,300 for the optimized version FLIR R Duo, with immediate availability.

At the same time, FLIR announces the third generation of its FLIR One module for iOS or Android smartphones, always in the form of a module to graft on the Lightning port of the iPhone or the USB connector of an Android smartphone (also compatible with USB-C).

Available for $ 200, there remains a simple solution for basic uses, the FLIR One module is also available in FLIR One Pro version with reinforced shell and advanced features for professional use. This second module is offered for $ 400, with availability in the first half of 2017.

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