CES 2017: Dosime, an ideal device in case of nuclear attack

The end of the world will come one day. And when it ends up falling, you'll probably be glad to have a Dosime on hand.

But what is a Dosime? Unveiled at the CES by Mirion Technologies, a company specializing in radiation measurement, Dosime is a connected roller able to detect and report the presence, in real time, of radiation at home or in its environment.

The ultimate gadget for the apocalypse

Practical in case of nuclear attack... More seriously, the Dosime will be a great help if you live near a hazardous site, for example. Be aware that 184 million Americans live within 80 km of a nuclear power plant, or 60% of the population. So there is a customer base for that kind of product.

The Dosime can be left in a drawer or worn on the body; it measures the radiation level every four seconds, and transmits the collected data to its mobile application. It can send alerts in case of problems.

Well obviously, the device is very useful, but still costs $249.

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