CES 2017: Dell launches the Canvas, a drawing table adaptable to any computer

The American manufacturer Dell takes advantage of CES to deliver a demonstration of the Canvas, a drawing board that can be connected to any computer. The company also wants to seduce the photo and video editing enthusiasts with a screen 32-inch 8K.

Microsoft and Wacom have to worry: with its touchscreen Canvas (27-inch), which connects to any type of PC, Dell wants to seduce graphic designers. A bet share a good foundation in view of the practical aspect of this support QHD adaptable to different computers, equipped with a digital wheel to stick to the traditional screen.

The live demonstration conducted by the manufacturer was particularly convincing, even if it will cost 1799 dollars to try it - in the United States and only from March.


The manufacturer also addresses photographers and videographers with the UltraSharp 32, its 32-inch screen in 8k, a world first, which aims to facilitate the editing phases of these artists as helping the medical community through excellent Resolution and zoom enabled by this technology, for nearly $5005, in March.

Finally, Dell was able to count on the help of Tom Holland, the Peter Parker of the umpteenth reboot of Spider-Man expected this summer, to unveil its XPS 13 two in one, the latest model of the range, A new design and 15 hours of autonomy in Full HD.

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