CES 2017: Chromebooks that natively run Android applications at Samsung

Chromebooks have many advantages, but suffer from a limited application range. In order to solve the problem Samsung announces at CES, Chromebook able to run Android applications.

Google announced it in May, this materializes during the CES 2017. Samsung Announces Chromebook Pro and Plus, which have the particularity of being able to run Android apps natively. They therefore have direct access to the Play Store. This partly fills the severe lack of application of the Chromebook.

In addition to this possibility, the machines are relatively high-end (for Chromebooks) thanks to 12.3-inch touch screens displaying a 2400 x 1600 definition protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The most useful version is a new ARM chip: the OP1. It is simply known that it is articulated around 6 cores (two Cortex-A72 and four A53), the model Pro is propelled by Intel with a Core m3. This is actually the only difference between them.

In both cases, there are 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage (expandable), two USB Type-C ports, a 720p webcam and a 5140 mAh battery. The other special feature of these machines is that they delivered with a Style to draw on the screen. It is also able to rotate 360 ° and switch to tablet mode. The set fits in just over a kilo.

The Chromebook Plus will arrive in February for $ 449, the Pro in April for $499.

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