CES 2017: a car seat able to attenuate road vibrations signed Bose

Bose has unveiled a new generation car seat that can "read" the road and attenuate vibration. The result is amazing.

The US manufacturer Bose is taking advantage of the 2017 edition of the CES to unveil a car seat able to limit the road vibrations. This system called Bose Ride is not young; it is available since 2010, but primarily targeted professionals driving, especially truck drivers. The unveiled version this year is an evolution of this technology invented to improve the comfort of future autonomous cars.

Concretely, this system analyzes the road tremors and eliminates imperfections. The presentation video is quite impressive, the passenger almost no longer suffered tremors. The new version uses several axes to counter the jolts, enough to limit the road vibrations. At the moment the system is quite cumbersome, it remains to be difficult to adapt in a big sedan or an SUV.

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