CES 2017: The Best Smart Home Gadget Of The Event!

The smart home story of CES is usually about how it's getting ever easier and cheaper to build connected tech into your home.

For 2017, CES early connected home highlights are about appliances making some truly smart integrations with Amazon's Alexa, Nest's Protect, and, of course, iOS and Android as well.

While Amazon and Google are battling for voice assistant dominance in the home, they've mostly neglected other countries. Now Baidu, in partnership with AiNemo, is building the Xiaoyu Zaijia ("Little Fish") family robot, which, on paper, has most of Alexa's talents along with a big screen, a camera, and a touch of robotics. Little Fish is powered by Baidu's own DuerOS, which has already shown up in many incarnations.

If you're in China, you'll be able to get this robot for the equivalent of $300 USD. Baidu does have English support as well in some of its products! 

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