CES 2017: Ambarella announces 4K 60fps for action cam and 8K 30 fps for drones

Ambarella announces new chips at CES 2017, Who can propose 4K 60 fps and 8K 30fps in the cam action for drones.

Ambarella announced the H22, a solution that will allow cam action to film in 4K 60fps. In addition, Ambarella makes it possible to film in HDR. As for filming in 4K 60 fps, it is a feature that is also found in the Yi 4K +, which is however equipped with a previous chip of Ambarella, the H2.

However, the method of etching the H2 chip is not known, while the mark indicates that the H22 is etched in 14 nm. This could allow it to have better energy performance.

Ambarella also announced the H3. Designed specifically for UAVs, this solution must capture up to a definition of 8K 30 fps. The brand also evokes the management of two sensors filming in 4K 60 fps to allow to film 360 degrees. the H3 is also capable of filming in HDR.

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