CES 2017 : Alexa is Empowering Amazon Fire TV!

It seems to be everywhere thanks to Alexa. Since opening up its voice assistant to other companies’ products, we’ve seen it put in all types of gadgets. And at CES this week, the continuation of that is one of the biggest trends ever seen.

It seems like the era of every TV manufacturer needing its own custom: we've entered The Age of Partnerships. Now you can get a TCL with Roku built in or a Sony with Android TV. And, finally, Amazon’s Fire TV OS is available in V form.

The TVs is including streaming services like HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video. If you grab an antenna you can also tune in to over-the-air TV from within the Fire TV interface. The included Alexa remote adds voice commands, and you can access Alexa skills. The TVs also support 4K streaming with services that offer it.

There's no HDR support for any of these screens, which serves as a hint to the remaining unknown: price. These TVs, which will be available "later this year" on Amazon and at other retailers.

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