CES 2017: $100,000 diamond headphones from Onkyo’s!

The Onkyo's Diamond Headphones are pair of headphones meant for the truly elite that the audio company unveiled at CES 2017! 

The idea which Onkyo want to send is about the fact that you can afford a truly spectacular pair of $100,000 diamond covered headphones. Those are real diamonds, each pair is built by hand with the specific buyer in mind, with a cost ranging from $80,000 to $100,000 depending on certain customization choices.

The Onkyo Diamonds mark the right ear with a red ring. In keeping with the over-the-top design scheme, that ring is made of rubies.  The other components of the Diamond Headphones are made of stainless steel. And even the included 3.5mm headphone chord has diamonds that serve as the buttons for the in-line controls.

The audio hardware for the headphones. Things like driver size, sound tuning. But it can't because Onkyo isn't disclosing that kind of information about the Diamond Headphones, it can be even used or listened to anything on them. And for sure Onkyo is still committed to offering the kind of high-quality audio the brand is known for. In fact, wearing them makes you feel like a million bucks. With a high feeling of being a member of Millionaires club!

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