BlackBerry Mercury, Launch is set for February 25

The BlackBerry Mercury will be officially unveiled at a conference of the Mobile World Congress 2017.

It is now official, the BlackBerry Mercury will be presented at a conference upstream of the Mobile World Congress 2017. Indeed, a tweet from the official account of BlackBerry leaves no doubt.

The tweet is also accompanied by an illustration, a GIF in this case, which lets us see an umpteenth time the front of the device. As expected, the Mercury returns to the sources of Blackberry by proposing a complete physical keyboard that occupies about the last quarter of the front surface.

This keyboard is more modern, being both physical and tactile. In addition, the spacebar integrates a fingerprint sensor to match the current security criteria.

There is also a mystery surrounding its characteristics since information on this subject is almost non-existent. Although TLC and BlackBerry presented the Mercury at CES 2017, no information on its specifications was made public.

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