Beating Tesla : Lucid Motors, The 1,000 Horsepower Electric Car Built To Beat Tesla!

Lucid Motors is a small electric car startup. That has big dreams for the future. Unlike some of its peers, the company steers clear of making outsized promises about the nature of its car.

The company main purpose is making a beautiful, zero-emission car that you can drive in Style. The Company unveiled a luxury car with 1000 horsepower at the LA Auto Show last year.

With an extreme luxurious interior. And it wasn’t just because the engineering prototype had been stripped of nearly everything inside. No dashboard, no center console, The only hint of Lucid’s high tech embedded is three digital displays perched behind the steering wheel showing things like vehicle speed and battery power.

But why would we want a compact-but-roomy electric car? According to chief designer Derek Jenkins, the goal was to build a vehicle that’s easy to park and can be used as much as possible with its batteries. “Space is a premium, parking is a premium, maneuverability is a premium,” Jenkins said. So the car just can’t get huge.

The new model hold many autonomous driving features, giving the company a solid chance at competing with Tesla in the near future! 

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