Astropad Studio: Now Your Mac Can Be Switched To an Art Box!

Astropad Studio turns the iPad Pro into a pro drawing tablet for Macs.

Astropad, a company that has focused on making a software for iPad to use with a connected Mac, the project called Astropad studio is a new version of its software that adds a lot of customizable options to Astropad to make it a much more powerful replacement for expensive graphics hardware! 

The product offers a great visual fidelity. It works either over Wifi or connected via USB cable, though you’ll probably want to stick with the later if you’re actually hoping to use this for pro purposes.

The new version of Astropad has many customizable quick actions, enabled via touch input, and combining touch input with Pencil. You can quickly modify your work, so if you’re an iPad Pro user then Astropad Studio definitely offers the most of your Pencil options!

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