Anime hits From Amazon: The First Subscription VOD Channels, Anime Strike!

Amazon launches the first of its own subscription VOD channels called Anime Strike.

Amazon has debuted its first subscription video-on-demand channel,  This is the first time Amazon has created its own sub-channel, as it has instead focused on building the general Prime Video library and VOD offerings.

Amazon will be doing more of this kind of tailored offering, but for now Anime Strike is the only Amazon-created selection available to Prime members in the U.S. via Amazon Channels.

 The subscription offering will run $4.99 per month, with an initial seven-day free trial with no ads, along with a hefty library of anime hits, including day-and-date broadcast releases from ongoing series’ including “Scum’s Wish” and “Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga.”

 The move could help Amazon build out its TV business offering great content to its users, especially Updates to the library will come weekly, and anime made sense as an initial target vertical for this model because it has a dedicated, huge audience!

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