AMD Teases its Next Architecture (And calls for rebellion)

AMD needs a revolution facing the Pascal range Nvidia. The teasing of its Vega architecture goes in this direction.

Dominated by Nvidia in the graphics card market, AMD needs a revolution to reverse the trend with its future architecture. It is in this conquering perspective that the manufacturer teases the future of its products by setting up a website countdown pledged a video calling, clearly, to make noise. In precisely two days, AMD will unveil Vega, who will replace Polaris to try to face Pascal from Nvidia.


The trailer shows us a little boy playing a drum in a city emptied and seeming to be curfew. A revolution is brewing and the makeshift hero opens a door, letting discover hundreds of drums... The marketing message is explicit: AMD wants to reverse the established order and bring down Nvidia by taking everyone with it. A double-edged campaign: by announcing the color immediately, the firm has no interest in plant or the backlash will be even more painful.

At the moment, little information has been released on Vega but, without taking too much risk, we can already say that future graphics cards from AMD should combine power, energy efficiency and above all, a good price. The specification should include features offering upward performance. And no one knows what it will take to compete the future GeForce 1080 Ti, which coming very, very soon at Nvidia to close the very successful Pascal range that plays on all sectors and in all budgets.

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