Amazon launches virtual Dash buttons

Amazon launches virtual Dash buttons. They will be accessible on the web via smartphones and PC. A service for the moment reserved for US users.

Amazon wants to spread its Dash buttons everywhere. Which launched almost two years ago in the United States.

The principle of Dash buttons is simple: Amazon offers Dash associated with a brand. These buttons are then configurable to order different products of these partner brands. However press once or ten times, the button only registers the first command until it is received. According to a spokesman for Amazon, it is the success of these physical buttons that inspired their virtual side, appeared tonight on the homepage of and in the application.

The virtual buttons will work exactly like the physical buttons. The buttons can only be used to order one product at a time until the product is delivered. Buttons will automatically be generated for an item that the consumer has just purchased or those he orders regularly. It will be possible to cancel the commands up to 30 minutes after the command. For now, these new Dash are reserved for US users.

In the same way as the "1-Click" command, Dash Buttons, virtual shortcuts, further reduce the time between desire and purchase.

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