A Smart Mirror that Gives you Tips about Makeup and More!

Panasonic is developing a smart mirror capable of advising on how to make-up and print sheet adapted to our skin.

Its concept its quite simple. Once installed in front of the mirror, the user will see his/her face swept by sensors in search of imperfection (spots, wrinkles...). These will measure the absorption and reflection rates of the skin to present, at the end of the process, personalized advice to improve your look.

Then, you just have to press a "Print" button so that the mirror produces a personalized make-up sheet. Thereby, the piece can be placed directly on the face. The only thing to avoid in all costs is water, which will cause it to fall.

Sachiko Kawaguchi, product development manager said that the Panasonic's smart system integrates OLED television technology. Indeed, the printer directly connected to the mirror will produce a makeup from this technology. It also ensures that the sheet is made of a material used in surgical procedures.

-A very profitable market : 

That's why the Panasonic mirror aims to form an almost personal relationship with each customer. The company plans to create a personal database where users can download their favorite makeups and print them, using the mirror.

In 2014, analysts at  Fuji Keizai estimated that the market of beauty machines (epilators, hair straighteners, etc) had a turnover of $631 million

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