A LED Majora's Mask for your Living Room!

This is another product that should be hard to resist if you are a big fan of The Legend of Zelda. this replica of Majora's Mask will surely make a sensation in your living room. In the day as well as in the night, since it integrate LED eyes. 

This replica weighs 8 KG and measures 63 cm tall from the tip of the horn to the base, a base that contains the serial number of the piece engraved by hand. This allows you to buy the same number for future pieces in the Legend of Zelda Life-Size replica series. Yes, there will be other accessories like this one, maybe a Hyrule Shield...

This mask is available in two version: regular and exclusive. The latter even incorporate eyes equipped with LED. First 4 Figures, which makes this beautiful figure has already opened the pre-order. It will cost $354.99 for Regular version and $384.99 for the exclusive.

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